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    YRCC Internships

    Today was a kids nite day for me because we did not have girl scouts. I made sure to help the kids as well as the volunteers, interns, and ambassadors with anything they needed. The kids had a music day today, so they learned a music selection from Dr. Murdock and then played music games where they learned about the piano. During this time I also worked on Chef YRCC things as far as cookbooks are concerned. I am working with the cooking matters intern and making a cookbook for each kid to take home with them!

    Gave 3.00 hours on 04/18/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    Today was a Chef YRCC day. I came in and made sure to prep everything for Chef YRCC before the kids got here which included gathering all the materials needed for the food. I also made sure to have the educational activity in conjunction with the cooking. Today we were making roasted red pepper pasta with Mushrooms. Before cooking the kids got a snack and had reading time. We had volunteers from Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity come during Kids Nite which the kids really enjoyed. The kids said they really enjoyed today Chef YRCC meal because it was very nutritious.

    Gave 4.00 hours on 04/16/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    Today was an administrative work day for me. I came in with a lot to do for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. When I came in I had to create the activity task list including the volunteer roles, materials, and description of the activity. I also needed to create a schedule of events for the day so everyone knew where they needed to be at all times of the day. The week before I created an Easter Egg stuffing event in which volunteers would come in to help stuff Easter Eggs with candy for the kids. During the time that volunteers were here, they stuffed eggs and made picture frames for the photo booth station to happen at the Easter Egg Hunt. During the time that was here, I was able to walk my preceptor around the gym to show where I wanted everything set up as far as games, food, and the actual Easter Egg Hunt!

    Gave 5.00 hours on 04/15/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    Today was a kids nite day for me because there was no Girl Scouts. So during my time at the YRCC, I spent the majority of my time with the kids. Like normal, the kids came in and got their snack and had reading time and homework time. Next, they went outside for physical activity time. Thursdays are music days for the kids, so after physical enrichment time, they came inside and went to the multipurpose room to learn two songs with Dr. Murdock. After this time the kids got to play in the gym more with interns and volunteers until they went home.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 04/11/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    Today at the YRCC was a Chef YRCC day as well as kids nite. Like normal, the kids came in and got their snack and had reading time and homework time. Next, they went outside for physical activity time and then came inside to start Chef YRCC. During the third graders time, we recapped all that we did last week with making quesadillas as far as what they liked about the dish and aybe what they would change. Next, I had them doing an activity sheet where they created a healthy sandwich and a food maze that included every food group. Last but not least we had them engage in a physical activity where they played pickleball. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. This was a really great game for them because in order to score points you have to work as a team and that is what they did!

    Gave 4.00 hours on 04/09/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    Today at the YRCC I was here for some administration work, so I worked on the Easter Egg Hunt logistics. I first was asked to think of gym games to be played during the day of the Easter Egg Hunt. So I made the plan for the gym by drawing out everything that would happen in the gym on the day of the event. We plan to have cornhole, basketball, a photo booth, imagination playground, a bounce house, coloring books, and face painting. I was asked to create an activities list for each of the gym games that included what the gym game was, the materials needed and what the volunteers would need to do at the stations they are assigned to. For the coloring station, I also made sure to print out some coloring pages that would be suitable for both younger aged kids and older kids.

    Gave 4.00 hours on 04/08/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    Today at the YRCC I was here for Kids Nite, and today was also a Girl Scouts night so when I arrived I worked with one of my fellow interns to help set up for girl scouts. Today with the Junior Girl Scouts we started out by recapping out the last badge which was sportsmanship and we discussed good and bad sportsmanship. After this, we started our new lesson which was stress management. We talked about what some examples of good and bad stress can be and how they handle their stress right now. After we watched some yoga videos so that they could have even more productive ways to handle the stress they deal with.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 04/04/2019 with University of Arkansas
    Yvonne Richardson Community Center

    Today at the YRCC I was here for Kids nite as well as some administrative work. When I first got to the YRCC today I came to the office to do some administrative work before the kids arrived. I needed to check my email to see if I had any emails from macaroni kid, Fayetteville flyer of the photographer that I booked for the Easter Egg hunt to see if they needed any more information from me about the event. During my time at the YRCC today I also started creating a schedule for the volunteers that will be helping during the Easter Egg Hunt as well as the staff and interns. Since I will not be here during the Easter Egg Hunt I emailed one of my fellow interns who is my partner on the project to let her know that I will have a schedule of events so she is able to better facilitate the event. Last but not least I started a survey of questions for the families that attend the event, so they can give feedback after the event to see what the YRCC can improve on in the future!

    Gave 4.00 hours on 04/02/2019 with University of Arkansas
    YRCC Internships

    At the YRCC I came in to do some work with the Easter Egg Hunt because it is April and we the Hunt is upon us! I was able to talk with my preceptor during this time to figure out what we are going to do as far as food is concerned, and we are leaning toward pre-prepped lunches so we do not have to have someone on the grill at all times to cook hot dogs. We also discussed the need for a layout of the gym floor since we will have games being played during the time of the Hunt and the layout for the actual Easter Egg hunts was done so we know the exact parameters for the toddler hunt as well as the older kids hunt.

    Gave 4.00 hours on 04/01/2019 with University of Arkansas
    UARK Foundation: Full Circle Food Pantry