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2023 Leadville Trail 100 RUN

2022 the timing mat at TL was set too close to the hill out of AS and impossible to aid any athletes that were chasing the cutoff. Greg (?) AS captain, realized this and for 2023 made perfect adjustments to help the athletes in achieving their goals by moving a table for aid behind it and allowing the crews to help aid their athletes. The enthusiasm for encouraging the athletes to make the cutoff was fantastic. Pls thank him for me. I really appreciated it as one of my athletes just made the cutoff by 5 seconds! He did go on to complete the race and I believe without the enthusiasm and support of the TL AS that may not have happened.

Gave 1.50 hours between 08/16/2023 and 08/21/2023 with Life Time Events - All Events
2023 Silver Rush 50 RUN

The finish line can be crowded with families and friends excited to share with the athlete their accomplishment but this year was much better. Having Ken and Merrilee in front of the people handing out medals, allowed the athletes to thank them, get their medal then the cold water and food was directly behind them. This kept a flow to keep the athlete moving out of the chute. Good work!

Gave 8.00 hours on 07/08/2023
2023 Silver Rush 50 RUN

AS was much better stocked than last yr. Running out of water was the only bad thing but Kale radioed Stumptown to be sure the athletes were well stocked with hydration prior to getting to Venir on inbound. It was hot so maybe 2 containers of water are not enough for a hot day. Water did arrive when most of the athletes were returning so it kind of worked out.
Thanks for the 1st aid kit. It was needed.
Also, ran out of sun screen, maybe 2-3 bottles?
Bug spray wasn't needed as much as previous years as the wind was strong enough to keep them down but I appreciated having it as standing around when they are present isn't fun.

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2023 Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half

everything went well except for volunteer check in with no roster and lack of sm t shirts.
Thanks for keeping us safe by evacuating to the gym during the thunder storm.
Course changes were handled well. I heard little to no complaints about advising the runners ahead of time. Loved the QR codes in the runners guide.

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2022 Leadville Trail 100 RUN

Everything seemed to be helpful, printed out Runners Guide, huge map of course and tracking info helped. This booth seems to get better every yr.

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2022 Silver Rush 50 RUN

The AS did not have a First Aid kit.
I was surprised no electrolyte drink either and people were asking for it on the outbound. Once they realized we didn't have it they did not ask for it on the inbound so not sure if they wanted it.
We ran out of coke and ginger ale so basically became a water stop with gels.

Gave 6.25 hours on 07/09/2022
2022 Silver Rush 50 RUN

It's always so much fun at PPU. Good job, Gail, organizing.
Possibly an explanation (hope I didn't miss it) of the difference between the run swag bag and the bikes. I think the run was supposed to have the reusable cup in it and some people stated at the AS theirs did not have it.

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2022 Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half
2022 Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half
2021 Leadville Trail 100 RUN

So fun to work with this group and all the enthusiastic volunteers!

Gave 6.50 hours on 08/20/2021
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