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    Student Community Engagement Center
    Student Community Engagement Center

    Tuesday, May 10th: 1-4:30

    The great adventure of the Viking Voyage!
    This event entailed setting up an information room, an informational table outside, getting questions ready, decorating and designating volunteers and their positions for the scavenger hunt, and cleaning up.

    Although this event did not necessarily transpire as planned, the purpose and goal of the event were made. I feel like many students know what we are all about. If we were to do this event again, I would ask around to get the best days and proper times to catch students when out of class!

    It was a bummer, but no matter the result, having the support of my team and this year's SLS cohort, brought it all together. That's all that matters.

    Gave 3.30 hours between 05/10/2022 and 05/13/2022
    Raiyasha Paris

    Raiyasha @ Naimuma Pow Wow & AISES Conference

    I am honored to have attended and help in such a beautiful ceremony. I haven't been to a Powwow since I was a child. As a volunteer, I was assigned alongside others to help unload merchants items and help set up before the event. During the event, I help identify patrons with student ID's, vaccination cards and test- if they need to take one.

    I got to not only watch something incredible, but I made new friends on the way. To respect requests made, there are no pictures.

    Gave 4.50 hours on 04/30/2022 with Student Community Engagement Center
    Raiyasha Paris

    Raiyasha @ Community Resource Fair

    Beautiful experience to be on the flip side of the table and recruit alongside my fellow SLS family.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 04/28/2022 with Student Community Engagement Center
    Raiyasha Paris

    Raiyasha @ Flyer Handouts

    Flyer Postings for Rose Havens Walk and or the Viking Voyage

    4/27: OHSU health and healing building 1 & 2 = 1 hour
    4/28:Community Resource Fair (hours counted in other impact)
    4/28: Smith & Cramer Hall = 1 hour
    5/2: Prospectus & Fariborz Maseeh Hall = 1 hour

    Retail Stores: 1 hour

    Gave 4.00 hours between 04/27/2022 and 05/04/2022 with Student Community Engagement Center
    Raiyasha Paris

    Raiyasha @ Portland state programming board

    Awesome! First time I’ve heard about PSPB or been to their events. Had a great time welcoming students and going through the sign in process. Everyone is so kind, defiantly would volunteer again!

    Gave 1.50 hours on 04/27/2022 with Student Community Engagement Center

    This Impact is private

    This Impact is private

    2022 Alternative Spring Break: Focus on Houselessness in the Greater Portland Area

    Something I have always wanted to be a part of. The pandemic allowed this opportunity to arise. Having the safe space to connect with other PSU students while getting to know organizations who serve the greater community is a gift.

    In four days, the connections made have taught me community, patience and transparency. Genuine connections that I will take with me forever.

    Gave 27.00 hours between 03/20/2022 and 03/23/2022 with Portland State University, Student Leaders for Service 2023-24 Host Sites
    SLS: Maybelle Center SLS Volunteer (2021-22 school year)

    3/7/2022: 3 hours 15 min
    3/9/2022: 3 hours 8 min
    3/12/2022: 3 hours 15 min (starts at 4:15, we perform at 7 in Hillsboro)

    3/7/2022: Last choir session before a performance this weekend. I missed last week due to covid confusion, glad to be back. Not sure if I shared what I do here, but I arrive around 9:45 to set up the room: moving tables, placing chairs in proper spaces, setting up zoom at tv, as well as the piano. It was an open house this week, I got to meet new members I hadn’t before. So many support dogs were there, I was in heaven.

    3/9/2022: Community room, check-in with members and staff. Fantastic day. I got to see and converse with so many members that I actually ran out of time. Spoke with specific members in regards to my sprint-term change. This encompasses 45 min meetings starting at 10:00 am. I will be meeting with four members with which I have developed the most relationships. Around 1 I plan on gathering all of them and other members if they’d like to the community room to engage in an activity for an hour. I will utilize the first week to organize a mission that each member and I would like to accomplish at the end of the term.

    3/12/2022: Choir performance in Hillsboro with the Oregon Choral Singers. The message and meaning of this event were heavy but very important. It was in an attempt to raise awareness and normalize conversations about mental health and suicide. We met at the center at 4:15; thus, performing around 7 and returning home at 9 ish. There was another performance yesterday in Beaverton but due to finals, I thought it best for me not to go.

    Gave 9.38 hours between 03/06/2022 and 03/12/2022 with Maybelle Center for Community