Kiki Mutis was born in Colombia and has lived in Miami since 1981. She is an MDC alumna, and later earned an MS in Environmental Science from FIU. Kiki served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia where she focused on soil and natural resource conservation and youth development. She has been an active board member of The Colombia Project Global, a micro-loan organization, and traveled to Colombia to meet program administrators and visit micro-loan recipients to understand their concerns better. Kiki worked for Citizens for a Better South Florida where she helped organize urban forestry projects and hands-on afterschool... [more]

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    Campaign Simulation

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    North - Pink Walk

    It was a wonderful experience to see so many students, faculty, and community members come out and support the Women's Breast and Herat Initiative. Breast cancer is curable if detected early. I am grateful to all who joined.

    Made an impact on 09/24/2023

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    Kiki Mutis

    Kiki @ Clean Miami Beach, Inc

    Test relfection

    Gave 3.00 hours on 05/31/2023

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    Mexican Moondance Cultural Lecture

    Kiki gave to Wolfson

    It was a wonderful experience to learn about the Mexican Moondance Clutral. Hearing the nine or ten women talk about women's empowerment through dialogue. Listening to elders, dances, rituals, and conversations was very moving. The moon dance is done for four ay culminating on the night of the full moon. The dance is one thought the world with groups ranging from thirty to several hundred women.

    Made an impact on 03/16/2023