Data Driven Decisions: Understanding Collective Impact Locally, Regionally and Internationally


Webinar recording of Data Driven Decisions: Understanding Collective Impact Locally, Regionally and Internationally from Thursday, December 17, 2020. This webinar was offered in collaboration with the International Association of Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement.

In this webinar, we host a data conversation with higher education scholar/practitioners to uncover the frameworks, processes, metrics and dashboards to understand collective impact of an institution, locally, regionally, and internationally. The key to identifying these elements is to align a series of potential frameworks to your community engagement activity and scholarship.

Panelists from Canadian and Australian institutions share how the pilot of the Carnegie Elective Community Engagement Classification framework in their countries has reshaped and enhanced the conversation on institutions of higher education's commitment to the public good. A panelist from the United States shares about the NASCE framework for assisting institutions in creating a baseline of student community engagement. A Mexican panelist shares how their institution measures impact with a particular focus on aligning their work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Jamin Forbes
Senior Project Officer, Research & Engagement
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Mitra Gusheh
Executive Manager, Social Impact, Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Dave Heidebrecht
Manager, Office of Community Engagement
McMaster University, Canada

Susan Mide Kiss
Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives in Community Engagement
University of Calgary, Canada

April Backus
Associate Director, National Assessment of Service and Community Engagement (NASCE)
Siena College Research Institute, United States

Monserrat Quiroga
Service-Learning Coordinator, Center for Solidarity and Philanthropy
Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

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SLIDE DECK: click here to view the webinar's slide deck