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We are a small non-profit Community Wellness Center. We are searching for a receptionist for our front-desk during business hours on Monday's &/or Friday's (between 10am - 6pm). We are by appointment only & fairly flexible on if there are no appointments for the rest of the day you may leave around 4pm (or at the very least, be on-call to come in when we have Appts).


* Reliable (doesn't "no call, no show") & will think of this as a long-term commitment (we don't want to train someone for them to move-on a month later) * Friendly & Professional (we don't have a dress-code, as long as it's modest)

* Servant's Heart (if you see something needs to be done like toilet paper is out or there are dishes in the sink; you are willing to pitch-in & help)

* Computer-literate (or you can learn quickly)

* Non-smoker (we are a wellness center & some of our clients are sensitive to third-hand smoke &/or strong scents)

Basic Daily Tasks:

* Answering phones

* Greeting clients, making sure new clients have their paperwork completed upon arrival, let the practitioner know their client is here, take payments, make follow-up appts for clients. (Most of our clients make appts &/or payments online - so most of that will be off your plate)

* When you arrive: turn on lights, start waiting area music, reverse when leaving (if no one else is there).

* When appts are scheduled, make sure the water carafe is placed on the counter with clean glasses for clients to drink before/after their treatment...then put it back in the fridge when last appt is completed.

* We take a team approach on making sure trash is emptied, floors / kitchen / bath arent dirty, toilet / towel paper isnt gone, etc. Even the Executive Director helps with this task. (We currently have a volunteer ad up asking for help with cleaning)

Unfortunately we do not have it in the budget right now to pay for this position & why it would be a huge blessing for someone to help us - perhaps a stay-at-home parent (while kids are at school), retired, semi-retired, or college student - even someone who works remotely / virtually & can do so while they juggle helping us. :-) We can, however, do work/trade service - you can get a Massage, Chiropractic Adjustment, Acupuncture Treatment, Counseling sessions for free in trade for volunteering (if it's not for Community Service hours). Full disclosure: No staff gets paid (except for our health providers), even our Executive Director is purely volunteer. We are ramping up our clientele, so we are slow-paced & relaxed atmosphere.
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Age Limit
18 and up
Requirement Details
See description...
For every hour you volunteer, you get $10 worth of our services (unless it's for community service hours).