Project Based

Individuals, students, professionals need a workspace to coordinate short and long term projects, from a week to a few months or longer, with the goal of solving real-world problems or answering complex questions

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What are project-based opportunities?

Experiences that allow one or many individuals to collaborate and apply knowledge and skills for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a question, problem or challenge, with or without deadlines to show progress

  • Assess Community Needs
    Projects can range from complexity, time investment and the required skills needed to address the community needs. By creating a needs assessment, you are able to collect a database of ideas and projects to have the opportunity to lay out a plan with details, objectives and milestones.
  • Designing the Project(s)
    When designing a project, there are key areas that must be addressed. Projects must ensure it provides a challenging problem or question to encourage sustained inquiry, conversations, reflection and an end product (be it a presentation on the research and analysis, a data science project, outcome etc.)
  • Coordinating the Project(s)
    When coordinating a project, alignment with community needs and designing and planning which skills, time and investments are needed will be paramount to the success of the project. Further more, there should be standards to follow, coaching and engagement, reviews for growth and calibration, and management of expectations

Setting up Projects

Projects can have flexible timeframe or be goal-based where milestones are defined, assigned and executed to show progress

  • Project Details
    Description of the project and defining the important details for all the stakeholders
  • Plan
    The collection of milestones, goals and objectives defining how to tackle project
  • Milestones
    When setting up milestones, these can be goals you define with specific objectives with or without dates. In many instances, one or many individuals can be responsible for a milestone and be members who can track outputs to show progress. Each milestone can then track outcomes comprehensively

Survey & Forms

Add, update and administer surveys to individuals and groups. Learn more about our surveys functionality here

  • Custom Fields
    Drag & drop ability to generate surveys with all types of inputs, dropdowns, text fields, video embedding and other options
  • Anonymity
    With a simple toggle, you can conduct a research study surveying people anonymously, or toggle it back and require people to authenticate
  • Templates
    Templates allow you to duplicate a survey or re-purpose it for other initiatives

Data Collection

Capture, track and manage all the data collected from events, projects, surveys, registration, membership information all into one single location for you to normalize and analyze

  • Pre and Post Assessment
    When you set up an event, do a pre and post survey so you can understand if there are differences before or after an event
  • Quantitative & Qualitative
    With the abilities of custom fields, you can generate a survey or form to collect quantitative and qualitative data
  • Database
    All data is aggregated into one database for you to review and analyze


Insights aggregate all the data and engagement of your group to be analyzed and visualized. You can also compare the data with one or many groups within your network.

  • Aggregation of Data
    Data is automatically pulled for your reporting purposes. Getting the data in a CSV or Excel format is always helpful. But with Insights, alongside our report engine, you are able to access and see this data visually in real time
  • Comparing Multiple Groups
    When you have a network of groups and databases within GivePulse, there are many instances in which you need to compare one group of data to another. Insights allow you to compare one or many groups visually from a single dashboard

Search for remote, virtual, or pro bono projects and opportunities on GivePulse

We provide a clearinghouse of virtual and remote opportunities for individuals and groups to find project-based opportunities, activities and tasks. Users are able to search, sort and filter through the various opportunities.

  • Searching
    You can navigate to the Get Involved search page, which allows you to input search criteria in order to narrow the opportunities that populate. From the GivePulse search page, you can filter by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), causes, skills and other criteria to refine the search.
  • Filtering
    On the Get Involved search page, you can filter by emergencies, causes, skills, SDGs, availability, timeframes, and more. Administrators can also add metadata, provide further description and context, and improve search keywords.
  • Quick Link
    For a general search, you can go here. For opportunities related to COVID-19 response you can navigate to COVID-19 Search. For emergencies, you can go to Emergencies. For virtual/remote projects and opportunities you can go to Virtual Search. Be it a virtual opportunity, an emergency related taskforce or an opportunity to apply your skills pro bono, opportunities are available through this search. For opportunities that you can't find, please contact us via our For administrators of nonprofits, please list your opportunity here

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