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Rodriguez/ Valdez Residence
Serafina Food Pantry

I really enjoyed the volunteer day today. Because of rain, we changed our plans and I ended up going to Tejas House to help clean instead. I met Geoffrey and a bunch of other people from St. Edward's along the way, and we were all able to make quick work of some little chores they had for us to do. Geff is an amazing person. He has faced alot of disadvantages as he calls them, including homelessness, addiction, cancer, and the loss of his left leg. He is a real inspiration, through it all he is still a much more positive and grateful person than many people I know who are so much more fortunate. He is a role model, and I hope to be able to help work with him in the future.
I am glad the leaders adapted to the weather, and for me it worked out very nicely, however I think in the future there should be more contingency plans, and perhaps more more sites available. I think sometimes we can have too many cooks in the kitchen.

Gave 6.25 hours on Nov 22, 2014 with St. Edward's University
Pan Am Park and Recreation Center

Gave 6.50 hours on Feb 22, 2014 with St. Edward's University, The Project - The University of Texas at Austin
Mobile Loaves and Fishes
Urban Roots