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Kevin Vu

Kevin @ Nails

Gave 1.00 hour on 11/18/2016 with ULN '18
UT Microfarm
UT Microfarm Volunteering Sessions

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Project Work Day - Concho Community Garden - Saturdays
Kevin Vu

Kevin @ Gazelle Foundation

During the day of the run, I assisted runners by handing them out waters or any other items as they crossed the finished line. My primary role was to be a monitor for the Kids K Run that was going on during the 10 mile run handing out medals and bags for the kids.

Gave 2.00 hours on 11/01/2015 with ULN '18
Kevin Vu

Kevin @ Gazelle Foundation

Was a great experience! I was assigned to check people in for the Run for Water Run 2015. This included greeting people, checking them in, handing out their bibs, shirts, and packets to prepare for the run.

Gave 3.00 hours on 10/30/2015 with ULN '18

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College For A Day

Set up food and drinks for the kids attendig college for a day. Everyone was cooperative and we finished fast! :)

Gave 1.00 hour on 05/01/2015 with University Leadership Network
College For A Day

Everyone was cheerful and cooperative. Setting up and leading the kids around campus. It ran a little bit late but thats' okay Mission success!

Gave 2.00 hours on 05/01/2015