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    2023 Leadville Trail 100 RUN

    So many wonderful people associated with Leadville Family, honored that I am included.

    Gave 8.10 hours on 08/19/2023
    2023 Silver Rush 50 RUN

    Matt, Cale, Emma, Toby, Chris and medical team were awesome to work with. Having crew two years in a row helped make this more enjoyable. Breakfast was a treat! Will come back next year.

    Gave 4.60 hours on 07/08/2023
    2023 Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half

    You can’t control the weather. It was 29 degrees at 5:30 and I doubt it got much warmer. We were in a tent, that thankfully had a heater. The breakfast burritos were amazing.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 06/17/2023
    2022 Leadville Trail 100 RUN

    So blessed to be able to experience the Leadville community year after year either as a runner crew pacer cyclist or just a spectator breathing in the air. I am so glad so blessed to have experienced every perspective the Leadville race series Stafford I will always come back brings Me so much joy

    Gave 8.00 hours between 08/20/2022 and 08/21/2022 with Life Time Events - All Events
    2022 Silver Rush 50 RUN