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    St. Francis Church, Telra Institute, & McKee Elementary TreeDay

    The start was not ontime. 9.45 AM starting time would have been appropriate. Otherwise all the arrangements were good as usual.

    Gave 3.25 hours on 11/04/2023

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    Sterling ES & Ramblewood Treesilience TreeDay

    This is the first ever volunteering with TreesCharlotte. It was really well organized and the turnout was pretty good. It started on time, with required tools like rake and shovels and even work gloves were given to do the planting which was super easy, because the holes were dug up already, all we needed to do was just to keep it in the right depth & straight and fill the hole and rake it. Me and my kid who was 10 years old could manage to plant two trees, that we felt really good. Not bad for the first timers. All the volunteers were really good and committed. A couple of pairs managed to plant three trees. Amazing efforts from them.

    Arrangements like doughnuts, coffee, water, juice, biscuit sandwiches, etc were plenty. My kid enjoyed it very well. As a gluten/lactose intolerant person, I couldn't enjoy anything except water and juice, NO COMPLAINTS though as I am used to it and I don't except anything except water even at my work.

    Overall it a nice event for a good cause. I appreciate the organizers for their dedication to make the volunteers feel comfortable and enjoy the event. Looking forward for the next event.

    Gave 2.25 hours on 10/28/2023